Letter to Friends

Dear Friends and Colleagues:

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We are exceedingly pleased to acknowledge our 68th Anniversary as a membership organization established to support nonprofit organizations that offer child care services for families.  Starting in 1948, dedicated individuals agreed to band together to maintain what New York City created during World War II, 80 child care centers to care for children while their mothers went to work. Highly successful and readily addressing a need, these child care programs were fully funded by the City. To ensure a unified consensus on subsequent issues, the Day Care Council was created to be the “voice” for these agencies.


Over the past 65 years, we have witnessed much growth in the system, including the unionization of the workers, the establishment of employee benefits for the workers and the addition of more organizations offering child care as federal, state and city funding became available. Unfortunately, over the past eight years, we have watched the City withdraw its commitment for publicly funded child care services.


We understand and appreciate how new regulations, funding restrictions and budget shortfalls have altered the very goals that were established to help families. Change is inevitable.  However, sudden and unplanned changes are difficult to absorb and need time to fully accept.  It is our hope that this is recognized as we move forward. The City is fortunate that organizations providing child care services have not relinquished their commitment to families. They do not want to walk away from a vital service that benefits so many and promises young children so much with the right nurturing and care.


The Day Care Council is proud of its heritage and the member agencies that have continued to be an important presence in their communities. We will continue to advocate on behalf of our member agencies. We will continue to provide technical assistance and training services to ensure quality services. It is our hope that the work started by caring individuals will continue and we can look forward to positive changes in the system.


As always, thank you for your continued support.



Sincerely yours,

Andrea Anthony, Executive Director

Lorenzo Newby, Board President

Child Care at the Crossroads - article by Andrea Anthony in NYNP - March,2007